Latex Balloons and Acessories

Latex Balloons And Accessories

Attract attention to your business with latex balloons from Pro Property Supply. Whether you are looking to let people know you have a property available for lease or that your new business is open, nothing welcomes people in more than a colorful balloon display.

 Our 17” latex balloons are available in many different colors and the option to purchase an assorted pack of balloons or a specific color choice. This gives you the ability to choose balloon colors that will meet your specific needs, with each pack coming with 72 balloons you can display.

 These balloons are made from 100% latex which will cause them to break down when exposed to certain weather conditions. After about six months, you will want to replace your latex balloons for the best-looking display.

Pro Property Supply Air Pump

Our air pump is perfect for inflating and deflating any of the reusable balloons we have to offer. For both big and small inflation needs, this pump works perfectly to make the set-up and take-down of your reusable or latex balloon display easy.

 The air pump has two different nozzles for both reusable and latex balloons and has an extension hose and an on/off toggle switch for a user-friendly and easy-to-use solution. With a six-foot power cord and a carrying handle, this air pump is the best solution.

balloons Assorted 17
Air Pump for Reusable Balloon Inflator/Deflator-balloons-Pro Property Supply
balloons Red Curling Ribbon for balloons Pro Property Supply
11" Latex Balloons ( 50 pk)-balloons-Pro Property Supply